Worried About Your Home's Foundation?

Worried About Your Home's Foundation?

Find out about our erosion control services

Protect your property against harmful erosion and flooding. Dixon Landscape Services has experience helping homeowners and commercial clients solve their drainage and erosion problems. We'll inspect your property carefully and help you come up with the best possible solutions.

You won't have to worry about standing water on your lawn again when you rely on our contractor. Call us at 678-876-1138 now to arrange for erosion control services.

Check out what our team can do for you

Our erosion control work includes:

  • Dry creek bed installations - a drainage solution that's built with natural stones
  • French drain installations - designed specifically to protect against flooding
  • Regrading services - to keep your topsoil from washing away and protect your foundation
  • Gutter downspout extension - extending the downspout underground to emit water from your home

Find out how our contractor can help with your drainage issues by contacting us today. We'll be glad to arrange an on-site consultation.